1. Legal Fees

Legal Fees

We set out examples of our legal fees below as a general guide. Please feel free to contact us if you would like a free, non-binding quotation of our legal fees.

Please note that the amounts shown below are exclusive of consumption tax of Japan (10% as of September 2020). Disbursements such as filing fees to the court, fees for notary offices, postal charges and travel costs will also be payable.

Legal consultation(applicable both to corporate and business law services and inheritance law services)

By default, we provide our legal consultation via email.

  1. Initial consultation: no charge
  2. Second and following consultations:
    JPY 20,000 minimum per hour

Corporate and business law

Our hourly rate of JPY 30,000 minimum is primarily applicable for our corporate and business law-related services such as researching and reporting on Japanese law and reviewing business agreements. As for corporate housekeeping services, we may provide fixed amount fee estimation depending on each matter. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free, non-binding quotation.

Wills and inheritance

1Making a willJPY 150,000 minimum per will

Our legal fees will vary depending on several factors such as whether a “will by a notarized document” (“kousei shosho yuigon” in Japanese) should be drafted and whether an English or Chinese translation of a will is required.

If you and your spouse wish to make a separate will, we will normally charge the above fee for each respective will. However, we might be able to offer you a discount after taking into account the volume, content, etc of the wills to be drafted. Please feel free to contact us for our free, non-binding quotation.

2Renunciation of inheritanceJPY 100,000 minimum per beneficiary

3Inheritance process for division of estates
and claiming a legally reserved portion

Our legal fees for this service consist of a retainer fee and a contingency fee.

  • Retainer fee: this fee is payable when you retain us and is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of your case.
  • Contingency fee: this fee is payable upon successful resolution (including partial resolution) of your case.

We will calculate our legal fees in accordance with the total financial value of the estate, using the table below.

Please feel free to contact us for a free, non-binding quotation as we might be able to offer you a discount when the expected workload is relatively low. For example, if there is no dispute between beneficiaries, and you only need to cancel bank accounts and withdraw deposits, our retainer fees could be discounted.

Table of legal fees

Financial value Retainer fee Contingency fee
JPY 3,000,000 or less 8% 16%
Over JPY 3,000,000 to
JPY 30,000,000
5%+JPY 90,000 10%+JPY 180,000
Over JPY 30,000,000 to
JPY 300,000,000
3%+JPY 690,000 6%+JPY 1,380,000
Over JPY 300,000,000 2%+JPY 3,690,000 4%+JPY 7,380,000